Which Vegan Egg Substitutes Should I Use In Cake?

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So you're just about to finish mixing the batter for a Vegan cake, and you realize you've forgotten to purchase an egg-substitute. Worse, the market is closed, and you promised you'd have the cake ready for an evening event. A classic, all-is-lost moment if ever there was, right?

Wrong. There are a number of ways you can bake a moist, fluffy, Vegan cake without a pricey egg substitute. Most of the best Vegan egg substitutes are probably in your kitchen waiting to rescue you from the cake disaster your thumping heart is anticipating as you google your way to last minute, miracle solutions.

How Eggs Perform In Baking:

Eggs are an essential binder in baking, providing structure as they harden in the oven to ensure the ingredients come together and hold their form. They're a key ingredient that adds moisture with their fatty content, while aiding the baked goods to rise with the leavening properties they contain. Identifying which substitutes will tackle these benefits is fortunately not as challenging as you might think, though you will need more than one substitute for binding, leavening, and moisture content.

Utilizing Vegan egg substitutes will enable you to “Veganize” most, baking recipes easily without breaking the bank on pre-made, egg substitutes.


Replace 1 tsp of baking soda, mixed with 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar if that's all you have available) to aid the rise of your Vegan cake with a bit more fluffiness thrown in.


Silken tofu is probably the least popular variation of tofu, but it definitely has its place on the grocer's shelf. In addition to acting as a wonderful base for puddings, pies, and sauces, it's a sure-fire way to ensure your cake is delectably moist when it comes out of the oven. ¼ cup will adequately replace one egg in conventional cake-baking recipes. Blend it before you add it to the batter, and you're on your way to Vegan, culinary perfection.

Applesauce is another, great option for adding moisture to your cake recipe. In addition to it being delicious, it's a more cost-effective than stocking the shelves of your refrigerator with silken tofu. You only need a ¼ cup for every egg your cake recipe calls for.


Cornstarch is a sturdy binder and thickening agent that also serves as a supportive base for cake frosting in a pinch. Substituting one TBS of cornstarch for every egg in your recipe will ensure your cake holds exactly as it's intended to. Like, Applesauce, it's a very cost-effective option to have in the cupboards for days just like this.

Arrowroot, like cornstarch, is a champion among binding agents. A bit pricier than cornstarch, it provides a healthy, supportive base for binding ingredients, frostings (and even pudding), as well. Mix 2 tablespoons with the water content your recipe calls for, and you're good to go.

Bananas are a glorious option that will add moisture and bind your cake ingredients together fairly easy, making them a great option to have on hand if your recipe will benefit from a hint of banana flavor. Mashing a banana to a ¼ cup size per egg needed will give your cake the sumptuous texture and firm hold you're aiming for.

Feeling better? Veterans in the world of Vegan cooking have been working at finding proper substitutes for just about every comfort food you can imagine, and they've largely succeeded! Take a breath, open up your cupboards and see what you have on hand from this list to work with, then roll up your sleeves and finish the glorious cake you'll soon be serving to the herbivores you won't be letting down tonight.

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